Social Media Tracking

You’ve had a successful event and people have shared their photo, GIF or video via our bespoke micro site solution. Now you want to know how many people have shared the content on social media and how many people have opened the email you have sent them. Our social media reach report is perfect for you.

Let’s talk data, no not that guy from Star Trek, the data we can collect at your event. Using our bespoke sharing micro site we can efficiently collect the sharing data. From the initial email we can analyse the delivery and open rate. Once the email has been opened the user will be directed to a fully branded micro site. Each social media upload and click is recorded in an easy to access excel file.

Once the event has finished we can provide a white label social reach report to demonstrate how awesome your event was. Some of the data collected includes the number of prints, email addresses, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram uploads and total impressions. And did we mention we are fully GDPR compliant?

photobooth social media
social media upload
Gif Upload

We can help you with those catchy email subjects to maximise open and share rates. We offer a full design service from external appearance to photo branding and micro site design.

Making everything simple to use and adhering to brand guidelines are key to a successful activation. If your designers would prefer to do this in-house, we will provide you with templates and guidance to ensure our printing requirements are reached so they look as good as they possibly can.