Print Options

Photo print options for photo booths and selfies for any event from trade fairs, incentive events to theme parties and product promotion. We work with big brands in the market to deliver tailored successful social activation. Whatever your preferences, we work with you to design templates and you can choose print options that suit any campaign and send the perfect message to clients or potential customers.

Planning an experiential, sports or corporate event? We work closely and share our experience with you to determine the best print options.

With multiple print options to choose from including traditional strip prints or modern 4×6 or 6×8” printouts, how about a sticker print?

The print set up is completely flexible and customisable depending on the event and determined by the organiser. From automatic printing, users choosing how many prints or requiring a social media share before enabling printing, everything is tailored to requirements to create the most successful marketing campaign. This working well with our branded photo booth solution.

Branded photobooth
sport photobooth
Template editor

Polaroid style prints look retro and cool, prints with 4 images create a hilarious photo compilation or would the minimalist approach work better for your brand? The choice is yours and our in-house designers are available to create the ideal templates and print options for you. We understand that consistent, strategic branding is extremely important.