Data Collection

Data helps make better decisions! Our photo booth and selfie software incorporates data collection into the fun experience of using the booth. Perfect for exhibitions, product launches and in-store promotions. Forget about time consuming, boring data collection, incorporate surveys into a Boomerang booth or Ultimate Selfie and impress clients and customers.

Data isn’t a crystal ball but it’s absolutely the closest thing you’ll get, the best run companies are data driven. Data collection used to involve manual data collection like talking to customers or taking surveys via phone, mail, or in-person. Pretty time consuming, expensive and tedious right? Not any more! Our software is the future of data collection.

It’s easy to set up, you can create completely personalised questionnaires, collect and export data into a spreadsheet ready for analysis to inform future marketing strategies. Surveys are completed almost 100% of the time as photos can’t be posted or printed until the survey is complete. Organising an exhibition or trade show? The perfect opportunity to use our amazing software.

Data collection Photobooth
data photobooth
Photobooth questionnaire

Data’s crammed with potential and helps find new customers, retain clients, improve customer service, manage marketing methods, predict sales trends and track social media interaction. An entertaining way for people to interact with your brand is a great opportunity to collect valuable feedback, targeted email addresses and social media usernames. We work with you to create a successful campaign.