Coca-Cola, a favourite carbonated soft drink produced by The Coca-Cola Company, it was originally intended as a medicine! Invented in the late 19th century, it now dominates the world soft-drink market. The familiar branding is easily recognisable and it wouldn’t be Christmas without the Coca Cola adverts.

The brief

Coca-Cola approached us to develop an activation for a promotion they could move to various locations to encourage customer interaction, re-enforce brand loyalty and to use at staff events. Even huge brands must maintain a public presence for continued success.

All branding needed to adhere to strict guidelines, be enjoyable and interactive, collect data and have social media sharing capabilities.

The Solution

The timeframe for this project was extremely tight therefor our fully branded expo air selfie pod was the perfect solution. Allowing the pod to be branded and delivered within 48 hours.

The selfie pod had all the features that Coca Cola required including green screen, GIF’s and full branding.

The Outcome

​We supplied Coca Cola with an ultimate selfie pod after working with their designers to produce the panels, software interface and personalised photo prints. It was hugely popular at a Christmas event they held for over 6,000 staff who work at the bottling plant and was then moved to multiple in-store locations in Belfast and Dublin. Our pods are easily transported in their bespoke flight cases.

The feedback from Coca-Cola was all positive, the data they captured was invaluable, all thanks to the build in data capture and tracking features of our software and their branding was splashed all over social media as people loved sharing their amazing photos.

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