Branded Software

The photo booth software screens and user interface are completely customisable for effortless operation of the booths and to maximise brand exposure during the experience for tailored social activation that works. Using bespoke software, we design every aspect of customer interaction for each event. What would your start button look like? Choose your text and theme. From product photos on the home screen to colourful eye catching layouts or minimalist designs incorporating your logo, the possibilities for designing software screens and micro sites are endless.

People actively engage with our photo booths and selfies as the whole experience is interactive and fun. Pictures and symbols are more powerful than words because the human eye is more readily drawn to pictures than words.

Ensuring your brand appears consistent and adheres to your brand guidelines is essential for continued brand success. Share the guidelines with us so all the aspects of your brand such as colours, typefaces, photographic styling and graphic devices are represented perfectly. If you’d prefer to handle the design in-house that’s not a problem, we’ll support you through the process.

Photobooth Branding
branded Photobooth
branded photo booth

Integrating branded content with a photo booth marketing campaign reinforces brand loyalty. Planning a seasonal party, experiential event, product launch or exhibition? Strategic, consistent branding is important so we incorporate your branding and promotional message to ensure a successful campaign.