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Welcome to Reakt Media, the home of photo booth entertainment!

With over 8  years experience in this fresh and thriving industry, we can equip you with the most bespoke photo booths on the market.

Our full range of photo booths offer a fantastic array of features and are tailor made to suit your needs. The perfect solution for any marketing company, photo booth start-up, venue install or as an addition to your existing photo booth hire equipment!

ARC Photo booths
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Whether you are a current photo booth owner wanting to add to your equipment or someone new to the industry, we’d love to help!

The photo booth market is a fun and exciting industry and with over 8 years experience we’d like to think we can offer something to current photo boothers or newbies.

All our products are designed and manufactured by Reakt Photo Booths in the UK. Please feel free to ask us any questions or alternatively, if you would like to arrange a visit to our showroom for a product demo of any equipment, please let us know.

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We had a great experience with these guys!! We love our booth. Highly recommended

Harriet Letheren

Awesome! Great innovative products and always available when help is needed. Thanks

Kristian Kaiser

Great service end to end, the product seems to do just what it says on the packet a vast improvement on the alternates I have used in the past.

Roger Agate

We purchased two sets of photo booth software from Reakt. They are great systems and everyone at Reakt has been extremely helpful. We’re really happy, thanks!

Steph Kerr

Great service, best booths on the market. Nearly bought a copy of their booths without realising, thank god I checked out both companies.

Both Adam and Glen were very helpful and honest in showing me the options and giving me training, Initial booth delivered on time and further three booths shipped out to Dubai with not one problem.

Tip – Ask Glen to put in some extra connectors for when you lose a couple packing up in a rush 🙂

Thanks guys.

Sim Simma

Hi, my Elo monitor went down on Saturday night on the Sunday afternoon I was in touch with Adam from T3 photobooths and by Wednesday after purchasing a monitor from these guys I was back up and running, they even offered to take my broken one to see if it can be repaired which of course I took the offer up. 10 out of 10 guys, I`m sure we will do business again.

Stevie James Edmonson